Vocabulary book pack storage boxes

All set for all first and second class. It took weeks and months but now all first and second classes are stocked with enough vocabulary book packs to do for a full school year. Included in the first class box is 23 vocabulary book packs, master copies of resources and a yearlong plan. Second class has 19 vocabulary book packs and the other resources. I found these boxes in IKEA and at the moment they are working for the organisation of the packs. They’re good because they hold everything and they stack if needed.

Second class blue word cards

There should be no danger of any of the word cards getting mixed up as they’re all colour coded for first and second class and they all have the title of the book they’re matched to on them.

First class vocabulary book pack organisation

I can’t wait to get started on a school-wide vocabulary drive. I’ve a few ideas in mind to encourage kids to use the words which I’ll share as we go. In the meantime it’s the perfect thing to do with my little ones at home over the summer holidays. I actually get a bit of a thrill every time I hear my five year old preschooler using a tier 2 word in the correct context following frequent exposure of the word.

Now to get working on more vocabulary book packs for the junior and senior infant aged kids…

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