Reluctant Writers

I’ll be honest I have to be quite strong when it comes to getting my eldest to work at home. I had a target at the start of the school year for him to develop his fine motor skills for writing. He rarely held a pencil and avoided anything to do with writing or colouring. When I asked him to draw something his mark making was nothing more than squiggles and lines. This has developed so much in the last year. In school his teacher was great in supporting this and while homeschooling during lockdown I really got to pile on hand strengthening activities.

Because My so can be so resistant to work I have to be very opportunistic and I strike while the iron is hot, so to speak! After a break from table work I tried different ideas I saw from other Instagram posts (#hotcoffeecreativekids) or that I had picked up from OTs and SLTs along the way. For example, I taped large sheets of paper (the ones I use here are from with letters or high interest words written on them high up to the outside of the back door windows. Having the paper slightly higher than the child’s shoulders is good for building the shoulder strength which is where the strength in the hand needed for writing comes from.

Here the boys are writing directly onto the glass, tracing what is written on the paper. The dry wipe markers wipe off easily with window cleaner.

Be sure to choose topics that would interest your child enough to do this activity. Whether it’s letters, superhero characters or toys stick pictures of them up with their names to trace.

Good luck!

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